About our office :

Our joint office was established in 1998 and at present consists of two attorneys.

Karlfried Bartz Attorney at Law is in private practice in Berlin since 1990, after working as States Attorney and having sat the bench as Judge for 10 years.
Since starting in private practice one major topic of work has been tenancy law.
 As Mr. Bartz is an expert on laws of the former East Germany (which, to a very large part, are still valid in accordance with the re-unification treaty) he is thus specially suited to handle cases dealing with “ nationalized” and / or leased real estate in the eastern part of Germany.
 Mr. Bartz deals very often with matrimonial and heritage cases.
Labour Law  in Germany is seperated into two different catagories; individual and group.  Mr. Bartz deals only with the former, i.e.  an employee´s relationship with his or her employer , or vice versa.

Peter Vogl Attorney at Law  a 1988 Masters degree recipient from the Berlin School of Economics, went into  private practice in 1999, after having worked at the State Supreme Court for the State of Berlin since 1996.
 Mr. Vogl is specializing in contractual, business, and international private law.
Due, in part, to his fluent knowledge of both the English and Russian languages Mr. Vogl is especially suited to cases dealing with both Anglo-American and Russian (both current and Soviet) law.
Mr. Vogl is therefore ready to help both English and Russian speaking clients, for example with, but not limited to: international child-support, inheritance and testament regulation.

We naturally also handle other forms of civil and administrative law.